What is the BBC Micro Bit? Exploring Its Characteristics and Advantages

the BBC Micro Bit

The BBC micro bit is a portable computer that teaches you about the interplay between hardware and software. It can interact with you and your surroundings when set up properly by incorporating sensors, buttons, an LED light display, and input and output capabilities for microbit accessories.  The improved power button, microphone, speaker, and input control are further features of the new micro bit with sound. Kids worldwide, including those in Australia, may acquire the coding and programming principles required in today’s high-tech society.

Additionally, microBit continues the legacy of a BBC Micro Bit, which played a key role in popularising coding in the 1980s, before computers had the slick appearance they have today. The micro bit may be set up in a variety of ways. It might be an activity tracker, smartwatch, or gaming console. Learn more by reading on!

What Characteristics Define the BBC Micro Bit?

The five I/O rings may be connected to sensors or other devices via 4mm banana connectors or crocodile chips through microbit.  Moreover, the Micro Bit could transfer orders to and from the rings to control appliances like motors.

You may interact with your surroundings and access the internet using Bluetooth Smart Technology. Connect the microbit to devices like tablets, cameras, kits, phones, and everyday objects. Even collaborating with others is an option to perform multi-micro bit marvels.

Additionally, your direction, pace, and position are detected by the magnetometer or the integrated compass. It features a built-in magnet and can find certain metals.

Moreover, with an accelerometer, certain devices may include a motion sensor that can detect movement and notify other devices if the device is moving. Freefall, tilting, and shaking are some of the motions. From that little, develop a spiritual level that will shine whenever anything happens. It is perfect for games that need movement.

Pushing it will activate two programmable controllers. The game controller for the Micro Bit may also be used to skip or stop songs on a playlist.

In addition, twenty-five red LEDs illuminate, generate games, flash messages, and create digital storytelling.

What Advantages Does the BBC Micro Bit Provide for Computers?

The Micro Bit may be used to teach you how computers operate. You use an input device when you type on a laptop or touch a phone’s screen. This enables computers to recognize events occurring in the environment and respond to them, often by displaying something on a monitor or using headphones. The processor is further inserted in between the input and the output. This collects data from information, such as buttons, and initiates an action based on results, like music streaming via headphones.

What Are the BBC Micro Bit Add-ons?

In addition to the initial microbit, you can also purchase add-ons with it! The best microbit kits and potential BBC microbit accessories are listed below.

Kits for Micro Bit

Inventors Kit With 10 Experiments

The Inventor’s Kit is a great way for beginners to learn the basics of hardware interface and programming interface and how to construct and operate electrical circuits. Since it contains a lesson book with ten amusing, fascinating, progressively harder exercises and easy-to-follow instructions, you don’t need prior programming or electrical skills.

Smart Home Kit

More practicality is produced by a smart house, and engaging with it improves the quality of life. Making your home smarter with micro-bit breakthroughs is a great way to learn about electronics and programming. With this kit and a microbit, you may create a lot more ideas that spring to mind.

Kittenbot Meowbit

The Kittenbot Meowbit includes an edge connection that allows access to most micro-bit expansion boards. With the help of Python or Makecode Arcade, you can develop personalized video games on this card-sized portable gadget, making learning fun for kids and adults.

Mini Buggy Kit MOVE

If you want to have fun learning about robotic systems, the MOVE tiny buggy kit is a great place to start. The individualized code blocks make it exceedingly easy to learn how to program this automaton, and it also helps you know how to control it using Python or servo blocks.

BBC MicroBit Accessories

Several potential BBC Microbit accessories include:

  • Move Motor
  • 1m USB Type-A to Micro-B USB Noodle Cable
  • Prong Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Breakout Board
  • Battery holder for 2 AA batteries
  • Traffic Light
  • Micro bit board
  • 1 meter USB cable and five crocodile cables
  • Protector Case
  • MOVE mat line

the BBC Micro Bit


The BBC micro bit is a powerful portable computer that can be completely customized. The BBC and many other firms created it. It was developed to encourage young people to use technology like coding and programming.

Moreover, it features Bluetooth, a 5×5 LED array, an accelerometer, a compass, and two matching push buttons. These features make it a great starting point for learning about programmable components and the larger internet of Things.

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