Why Is Jewelry Important In Fashion

Jewelry Important

Why is jewelry important in fashion? Fashion trends constantly evolve, but jewelry steadfastly remains an accessory that women turn to. Nothing can make an ensemble shine quite like jewelry can. It also makes the perfect statement for self-expression.

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”
— Elizabeth Taylor

Jewelry changes the way your outfit ‘works’. Whether you wear an extravagant ring, a simple necklace, a statement bracelet, or subtle stud earrings, your choice of jewelry has the power to elevate your look to a whole new concept. In fact, fashion designers and jewelers have long since been working together to create various styles. Also, gemstones are no longer simply embellishments – they are pieces of art. Jewelry is definitely a big part of fashion. Here are some reasons why:

A new look every day

Love your white shirt and end up wearing it too often? That’s OK! Make it look different each time with different jewelry! For a formal look, pair it with gold studs or drop earrings; for a Boho look throw on some chunky bangles and stack rings, or look casual and laid-back with tassel and pom pom earrings. You can also wear your pieces to match your mood.

Sparks conversations

Certain pieces are called conversation starters for a reason. Bold or quirky, intricate or chunky, such pieces of jewelry naturally draw attention and spark friendly discussions.

Accentuates your personality

Jewelry is a great way to express yourself, so select pieces that match your personal style and personality. It also allows your creativity and individualism to shine through and speak for themselves.

The biggest question probably is, how to choose jewelry that will complement your look, your mood and your personality. Also, how to style the pieces so they will enhance your wardrobe. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you dazzle!

Jewelry styling tips

1. Define the focus of your look: jewelry or clothing.

When you start dressing, decide on this first. A simple outfit can be transformed into something spectacular with the right jewelry, or a statement piece. If the focus is on your clothing and it is bold, then choose small, subtle pieces as highlights, such as the Bliss solo stone bracelet with a mother of pearl.

2. Layer and stack

Experiment with layering your necklaces and stacking your earrings, rings, and bangles! Mixing different lengths, shapes, textures, and colors and seeing what works is a lot of fun! Layering necklaces of differing lengths can bring focus to your face. You can also stack rings in different gemstone colors or combine earcuffs with hoops for an interesting look. Mixing your jewelry on your wrist can create a friendly jangle as you move your arm.

3. Experiment with mixing metals

Wearing a silver necklace? You don’t have to pair it with other silver jewelry as a rule. Contrast your pendant color with its chain, or stack rings with different metal or gemstone colors. Try the same with your bangles and bracelets. If it looks good and makes you feel confident, just go with it!

4. Don’t follow trends blindly

Evolve your own style. Whatever accessory you choose, own it, flaunt it, and be confident wearing it. Pick jewelry that suits your style, looks good on you, and complements your coloring, and mostly, your personality.

5. Don’t overdo it

When you’re enthusiastic about jewelry, it’s easy to sometimes over-accessorise. So just watch out to make sure you’re not cluttering your look with excess. For instance, if you’re drawing attention to your neckline with a statement choker or layered necklace, don’t stack too many bracelets that compete for attention. Or, if you’re wearing bold pendant earrings, then a simple, matching necklace should be enough – or even no necklace.

How to match jewelry with your outfit

If you’ve ever been stuck wondering what jewelry to pair with which outfit, then this is for you! Just go with these handy hints:

1. Match the jewelry to the occasion

Consider where you’re going and what you’ll be doing when selecting your jewelry. If you’re dressing up for work and will be using your keyboard most of the day, avoid jangling bangles and hanging bracelets. Wear the longer, dressier earrings for formal events and parties and the more flamboyant pieces for casual outings.

2. Choose jewelry that complements your skin tone

Jewelry is a great way to highlight your skin tone. Warm skin tones go well with yellow so gold is a good choice. Silver and white gold illuminate natural tones.

3. Pair busy patterns with simple jewelry

You get a confused, gaudy look when you marry a busy print with loud, ornate jewelry.

Instead, consider simple, solid pieces.

4. Highlight your face with earrings

If you want the spotlight on your face, then don a pair of statement earrings. Go for the flashy, glittering ones that make your eyes sparkle! Also, consider the shape of your face when choosing your earrings. For instance, studs and triangular earrings look best on an oval face.

5. Match spring and summer clothes with cool-coloured gemstones

The freshness of spring colors makes a great match with cool, natural shades. So you might try pairing your summer dresses with a necklace with lapis lazuli.

Remember, whatever jewelry or clothes you choose, always wear a sunshine smile!